Employer Sponsored & Nominated Visas

Whether you are a business wanting to sponsor employees to work in Australia or a qualified individual wanting to migrate with the help of a sponsor, our Immigration Lawyers & Registered Migration Agents can simplify the process for you at competitive prices.

We have extensive experience helping companies (both small and large) streamline their visa applications and minimise business impact. In light of the current government’s strict compliance-based approach, we also focus on helping businesses ensure they meet ongoing sponsorship obligations.

We assist with the following visa applications:

  • long-term work visas (subclass 482, subclass 494 (regional), Subclass 491 (regional),
  • short-term work visas (subclass 400),
  • temporary activities visas (subclass 408), including:-
    • entertainment activities;
    • sporting activities;
    • research activities;
    • special program stream;
    • Australian government endorsed events; and
    • COVID-19 Pandemic event,
  • training visas (subclass 407),
  • business investor visas,
  • employer-sponsored permanent residence (subclass 186 (ENS) and subclass 191 (regional)), and
  • business sponsorships and compliance with ongoing obligations.

We can also provide immigration compliance training to ensure that businesses understand the importance of visa compliance in relation to sponsored employees.


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