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Wills & Estates Lawyers Melbourne

At Nevett Ford, we understand that each client is unique and provide tailored solutions for your estate now and in the future.

Many people are reluctant to think about making a Will as death is not a pleasant topic to consider, however making a Will or thinking about your estate is important to complete while you have the time and capacity to do so. Often we see people leaving arrangements too late after they have lost capacity or when they may feel under some form of pressure to make arrangements. Our team has extensive experience and expertise and can guide our clients through the preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney and Estate Plans.

Packages and Pricing

Planning for your future has different value to different people. That’s why we work with you to determine what type of work we can assist with, what value you derive from it, and finally a fair rate for you to pay and afford in having us assist you.

Nevett Ford offers transparency in our prices when preparing straightforward or standard Wills and Powers of Attorney and offer the fixed price packages below to our clients (all prices are exclusive of GST). When preparing more detailed and complex Wills or Estate Plans, as these are tailor-made for each client, a fee estimate will be provided at your first consultation once your individual circumstances are known.

Pricing List


Standard Will$675.00
Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial & Personal)$450.00
Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker$450.00
Package – Powers of Attorney$675.00
Package – Wills & Powers of Attorney$1,150.00


Standard Will$1,150.00
Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial & Personal)$750.00
Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker$750.00
Package – Powers of Attorney$1,150.00
Package – Wills & Powers of Attorney$2,000.00

All prices are exclusive of disbursements & GST

Wills and Codicils

There is a misconception that only wealthy people need a Will. This is not the case at all and every adult should consider making a Will.

When do I need a Will?
If you are asking yourself this question, the chances are you already need a Will. A Will is an essential tool in ensuring that your property and assets will be divided in accordance with your wishes. A Will provides clear instructions which is likely to make the process a lot easier for your loved ones upon your death.

What happens if I don’t have a Will?
If you die without a valid Will, your assets will be divided according to the laws of intestacy and could mean that your property and assets may not go to the people you want. For example, most spouses will choose to leave everything to each other and if their spouse dies before them, then to any children you have. If you die without a Will, your spouse may not receive your entire property and assets as under strict intestacy formulas, your children are also entitled to benefit.

At what age do I need a Will?
Anyone over the age of 18 can make a Will. Those under the age of 18 can also make a Will however it is a matter that is dealt with through the Court system. There is no need to wait for a significant event to occur in your life like the arrival of children, breakdown of relationship, etc to make a Will however, it is important that when these events occur, you review your Will and update it if necessary.

Common misconceptions about a Will

My family know what I want and they will deal with it

Without a Will, your family may not have the power to make those important decisions. They will be required to adhere to what the law says about things such as who will administer your estate, who will get your property, when they will get your property and who will authority to look after your children.

My family will never argue about money or my estate

While this may be something you believe, unfortunately it is not always the case, Grief and money can be a bad combination and can result in all sorts of strong emotions. By leaving a Will and clearly setting out your wishes, there is a lesser chance of these disputes occurring.

A Will only needs to be made once

Many people believe that once a Will is made, it is indefinite. This is correct however a Will can be revoked or amended when circumstances change such as your appointed executor has passed away, you get married, specific gifts you have made in your Will are longer owned by you or you have grandchildren that you would like to include. If you would like to make a slight amendment to your Will, you may wish to consider making a Codicil which is a additional document used to make minor changes, amendments or alterations to your existing Will.

I must be buried in accordance with my Will

We suggest including instructions in your Will about your wishes (burial, cremations, organ donation, etc) however these instructions are not binding and only provide details of your wishes.

Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that authorises a person (the attorney) to act on your behalf. Depending on the type of power given, the attorney may be able to make financial, legal and personal decisions for you when you are incapable of doing so.

Apart from a general Non-Enduring Power of attorney that may be used for a specific purpose (eg: signing of a particular document on your behalf), there are two others Powers of Attorney that Nevett Ford can assist you with.

Enduring Power of Attorney
This authorises your attorney to make financial and/or personal decisions on your behalf. A financial power includes anything related to your finances or property whereas the personal power is in regard to your personal matters such as your lifestyle.

You can appoint more than one person to be your attorney and can also provide certain conditions on the powers provided. Should they not be able to act on your behalf, you can also appoint an alternative to act in their place.

Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker
A Medical Decision Maker is an adult you have appointed who will be able to make decisions regarding your medical treatment when you are not capable of being able to do so yourself. As your Medical Decisions Maker is to made decisions that they reasonably believe you would have made if you could, regardless of whether they agree or disagree, you need to give careful consideration to who you appoint with this power. You can appoint more than one Medical Decision Maker however, only one can made decisions for you at any one time.

Supportive Power of Attorney
By making supportive power of attorney you appoint a person(s) you trust to help you make your own decisions while you still have capacity to make decisions. The person you appoint to help you make decisions is called your ‘supportive attorney’ and can help you make financial decisions, personal decisions or other decisions. Your supportive attorney cannot help you with decisions about your medical treatment.

Estate Planning

An Estate Plan if done correctly, can provide an effective plan for yourself and your loved to ensure that your assets are protected and dealt with in accordance with your wishes upon your death. People sometimes think that all that is required to achieve this a Will however while essential, there are other considerations and documents that may be required. No two people are the same and at Nevett Ford, we will provide an individual strategy for you, based on your circumstances which may include:

Your Will

Powers of Attorney

Testamentary Trust – A testamentary trust is a trust created by your Will which will only commence upon your death and provides a hold on your assets so that an appointed Trustee can eventually distribute the assets to beneficiaries at such time as your trust provides (eg: upon the age of 21 years, etc).

Advance Care Directive – An Advance Care Directive is supplementary to your Appointment of Medical Decision Maker and provides your Medical Decision Maker with a record of your wishes regarding your treatment.

Statement of Wishes – A Statement of Wishes is supplementary to your Will and whilst not legally binding, it can provide further information to your executor/s as to the administration of your estate.

Taxation Information – Upon your death, there can be many taxation implications that your executor may need to deal with and can relate to superannuation, tax returns, family trusts, capital gains on property, etc. Through an examination of your property and assets, we can identify where there issues may arise in advance.


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If you would  like to make your will, power or attorney, estate plan or have any queries and would like one of our team members to contact you, please complete the below details and we will contact you shortly.


Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Friendly, professional service. Subject matter promptly dealt with. Will recommend them.”

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Ryan Curtis-Griffiths and Jacqui Azouz provided excellent legal work.  I am a lawyer in the United States so I expect a lot.  And I got it from Ryan and Jacqui.  They are knowledgeable, efficient and very easy to work with. I will use them whenever I have an opportunity. “

Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

“I cannot find any words to describe the professionalism of thos firm. Everyone from the reception to financial services and not to say Mae who helped out was absolutely amazing. I had Richard Hamilton who was definitely someone I will always have to represent me if I need any further help. Keep up the fantastic work ?  “

Reliable Lawyer and Good Expertise

“Richard Hamilton is a very genuine lawyer with very good expertise, good values and ethics of responsibility. He is not one of the lawyers in the market who would deceive you with false hopes. I found him very reliable which is something you need when you are going through a difficult family court case. Richard is also very good in returning to calls and emails. I definitely recommend him.”

Excellent services and advice

“Ryan has been my migration lawyer of a number of years now and has been successful in obtaining PR and Australian Citizenship for me. His advice is clear, straight forward and tailored to an individual’s needs. He puts in the effort and time and always cares for his clients. Overall, I received a first-class service from him, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for migration advice.”

The best immigration service provider in Mel

“In all respect to achieve your PR and the pathway for citizenship was done very professionally ! Special thanks to Rayan ( MD) who helped me in all the way throughout to achieve goal.”

Best choice

“Ryan Curtis-Griffiths knowledge of immigration law, a skills in preparing all documents, excellent communication skills, rapid response to my inquiries, thoughtful and good listener.”

Professional Service with Attention to Detail

“We engaged Nevett Ford Lawyers to prepare our 186 Business Nomination and Visa Application. Ryan provided outstanding service by assisting us with all his experience in the industry. It was the best decision to work with Ryan as he always listened to our instructions and assisted with timely advise. I would definitely recommend Ryan and his team to anyone looking for a Immigration lawyer.”

Professional Service and Prompt Response

“Ryan and his team made sure the process of 186 Business Nomination and Visa application were as seamless as possible. We always received prompt response and correct advise regarding the matter. I would happily recommend Ryan and Nevett Ford to anyone who wants assistance with 186 visas.”

Best Lawyers in the business

“Looked after me. Always made sure I knew what was going on and why, but also made sure my mental health was top priority.”

Very professional team

“Great professional team, best communicating with the customer.”

Legal expertise, Client focused service, Courtesy

“Nevett Ford Lawyers, including paralegals and administrative staff, displayed professional and reliable services. All staff with whom I interacted responded promptly to my queries and requests. Their polite and friendly manner was appreciated and reassuring.”

Professional, Efficient & Supportive

“A Positive outcome of Permanent Residency from a Ministerial Intervention is what we achieved through Nevett Ford Lawyers. David Stratton and his Team have been highly efficient and professional along the entire journey through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and Ministerial Intervention. The Team managed our file with great care and patience while supporting us through the entire process during the past four years. We would highly recommend Nevett Ford Lawyers for their Professionalism and Task Accomplishments.”

Ryan and Shalini worked extremely hard for us

“Ryan and Shalini’s communication skills were what really stood out to us. They replied to emails most of the time within minutes and did a good job on helping us stay realistic about expectations as our case was extremely difficult and had a high chance of failure, they did a brilliant job of getting the visa through for my partner.”

Service provided was professional & prompt

“Great communication, friendly interaction with all staff (including reception), prompt and did what they said they would do.”

Navigating a tricky workplace case

“Generous with their time. Fair and pragmatic advice from which I was able to make an informed decision.”

Mlam Camou (MlCam)
Mlam Camou (MlCam)
I will recommend definitely this services to anyone who wants a clear and positive outcome for his immigration case. Professionalism and experience are also 2 very important points to consider when you decide Nevett ford to represent you. I am satisfy with their work to be honest.Thank you Nevett Ford Lawyers for your excellent work.
Lisa-Marie Hinton
Lisa-Marie Hinton
My visa application was the most challenging time of my life. It was so much pressure, lots of tears and emotions. Ryan and the wonderful Team guided our family and secured my husband and children Citizenship and my PR. I think Ryan has a beautiful heart and is very kind. He listened to me when I was at my wits-end and could only cry on the phone. I would choose Ryan again. It has been a difficult journey but he never gave up on helping my family in the fight of staying together. Forever grateful. The Hintons xxx
Vivien Karabinas
Vivien Karabinas
The expertise and service received by lawyer Sophie Stickland was efficient, caring and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend her. Thank you.
Jervin Paul Dhas
Jervin Paul Dhas
Had the pleasure of working with Lili for my PR application and I had a very good experience. She was very responsive and guided me and provided updates in every step and the entire process was smooth and quick. Highly recommend their services and one of the best. Thanks again Team
Tom Simpson
Tom Simpson
During the period between 2020 - 2023 i was applying for a permanent partner visa and hired Ryan to assist me.I had spoke to 7 other immigration lawyers prior to Ryan, and the general feedback i would get back was negative (installing doubt into my mind about the likelihood of obtaining a visa in my circumstance). Ryan was the only lawyer who had a positive attitude and was optimistic about my situation and gave me a lot of free advice about what i could do even before i hired him, this was a major green flag to me so i made the decision to hire him.I couldn't of asked for a better lawyer, i would highly recommended his services to anyone. Good communication, fast responses, never hesitant to answer any queries, pleasant to speak to and most importantly a good lawyer that gets the job done.I recently obtained my PR after a 3 year process and I cannot thank Ryan (and the team) enough for their service.
Hieronim Wiatrowski
Hieronim Wiatrowski
Lili Sibic was ery professional and helpful. Highly recommended ????
Jessica Liu
Jessica Liu
Awesome and extremely professional and patient. Highly recommended!!!
Experienced, organised and friendly, Ryan is always helpful and reassuring during the entire visa application process. The entire duration has made him more than just a lawyer but a friend.
Hiro Kamisugi
Hiro Kamisugi
Nathan and Jean as team helped me for my first home purchase. Even though I knew nothing of this matter, they made my whole journey nice and comfortable. Everyone around myself tells me that purchasing home is a very stressful journey, but I was totally fine with their help. Don’t think I can ever ask anyone else for my next home in the future!

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