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“I have had the absolute pleasure of dealing with Richard Hamilton of Nevett Ford Lawyers for the past eight months during an incredibly stressful and painful separation. Richard was both knowledgeable and kind in his dealings with me, his advice was open and honest and I was directed to the best conclusion possible with calmness and consideration. He always made time to speak to me if I called and every email was answered promptly and respectfully. Richard is a first class lawyer, who is both compassionate and driven, achieving the best result possible in difficult circumstances.”

Our family law lawyers in Melbourne CBD have a wealth of experience assisting clients, dealing with a full range of simple to very complex property law matters, from parenting disputes and intervention orders to criminal charges.

Members of the team include Senior Lawyer Richard Hamilton, Lawyer Erin Trantino and paralegal Stacey Raphael.

As the top family law firm in Melbourne, our lawyers regularly deal with helping people going through a separation to obtain an outcome that they are happy with both in relation to property and parenting matters. We deal with complex intermingled trust and company issues, but also help with working out how the family home and your superannuation can be best protected, or fairly apportioned between parties.

We often provide advice to clients at the beginning of relationships to help them achieve better asset protection structures, or to ensure that they have clarity about what would happen in the unlikely event of a separation. Often, we draft financial agreements, or ‘pre nups’ in these situations.

Our team also deals with all types of divorce, spousal maintenance, intervention order and breach of intervention order matters. We have an extensive network of referrers who can also assist you with taxation advice, further financial planning, or more complex criminal matters.

Nevett Ford’s team of family lawyers in Melbourne difference is that we genuinely believe in putting our client’s experience of the legal system and our service as a priority. This means we are open and transparent with you about the process, and the cost, of our service and the family law.

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Our Family and relationship Services


Parenting Disputes

Amicable Resolution
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Property Separation


International Relocation


Intervention Orders

Family Violence

Who You’ll Work With

Richard Hamilton
Erin Trantino
Stacey Raphael

Topics We’ve Written About

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Parenting Orders and Christmas Travel

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I’ve Separated – What Do I Do Now? – Don’t Delay

I’ve Separated – What Do I Do Now? – Don’t Delay

Any additional assets or income that are accumulated after the separation will be at risk of a claim.  The property division will normally be decided on the value of the assets available at the time of the division - not on the value at separation.  You may for...

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I’ve Separated – What Do I Do Now? – Don’t Cut Corners

I’ve Separated – What Do I Do Now? – Don’t Cut Corners

There are significant risks of not formally documenting (by way of a Court order or Financial Agreement) an agreement that you may reach about property or maintenance. Informal, casual, or handshake agreements carry a very significant risk for you, your family, and...

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Family Law – When Going to Court May Make Sense

Family Law – When Going to Court May Make Sense

Much of the time, avoiding going to Court in family law proceedings makes sense. The Court process can be costly, and uncertain. When it comes to financial matters, there are so many variables at play that lawyers cannot predict with certainty a precise outcome, but...

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I’ve Separated – What Do I Do Now? – Online (Part 3)

I’ve Separated – What Do I Do Now? – Online (Part 3)

Your internet presence can be both an enormous help with sorting out your parenting and property situation, but carries significant risks. Here are some of the things we suggest you should be careful about: The information and images you post on social media sites...

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