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China Conveyancing

Nevett Ford Lawyers’ China Conveyancing team has extensive expertise in assisting Chinese clients buying and selling Australian property.

Our China Conveyancing team, comprising Peter Lumb, Practice group leader and Associate Director, Nathan Xu, Senior Lawyer, Crystal Qin, Lawyer, and Lily Cheng, Conveyancing Clerk, advise clients in English and/or Mandarin, Malay or Cantonese.

We deliver advice in a range of Conveyancing matters relating to residential sales and acquisitions, FIRB approval and advice, sub-sale/nomination purchaser advice, stamp duty and other foreigner impost advice, international wills dealing with Australian assets, powers of attorney, and business and migration relation advice.

Our firm has more than twenty years’ experience in acting for foreign clients.  We have set the benchmark in providing advice to our foreign clients by providing our written and oral advice in dual languages. 

We act for many purchasers buying in various off-the-plan developments across Melbourne.  As such, we are familiar with various off-the-plan contracts of sale currently in the market place.  This means we can provide efficient advice tailored to your needs. 

We can provide written and oral advice in Mandarin, Malay and Cantonese.


Nathan Xu
Crystal Qin
Carrie Chiu
Lily Cheng
Vera Wei

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Owners Corporations – A Change is Coming

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