Our Estate Planning and Estate Administration team has extensive experience and commercial acumen in assisting our clients with respect to planning and management of their assets and wealth.

We take the time to understand your objectives and circumstances and tailor a solution for your needs. It is worth planning strategies and structures to protect and plan the management of your assets, both during your life and after your death.

Our team can assist you with:

  • advice on business and family succession structures,

  • preparation of simple and complex Wills and trust arrangements,

  • estate planning advice and structures,

  • management of family disputes and contested Wills,

  • Powers of Attorney and other structures to assist flexibility with your personal and business affairs,

  • estate administration, Probate and Letters of Administration, and

  • restructuring.

Our Wills, Estate Planning & Deceased Estates Services

Wills and Estate Planning

Deceased Estates

Estate Disputes

Who You’ll Work With

Peter Lumb
Andrew Lumb
Richard Hamilton
Stephanie Chafer

Topics We’ve Written About

What to know about contesting a Will

What to know about contesting a Will

If you feel as though you have been unfairly left out of a Will or have not received a share you think is adequate, you may be able to contest the Will. When making a Will, people have what is known as “freedom of testation”, which is the freedom to choose to whom...

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What Can We Learn From Diego Maradona?

What Can We Learn From Diego Maradona?

In November 2020, Argentinian football icon, Diego Maradona died at the age of 60 leaving behind at least eight children to six different women, a portfolio of properties, image rights and an amphibious tank.  What can we learn though?  Maradona is reported to have...

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I Am Not Old Enough To Have A Will – Fact Or Fiction?

I Am Not Old Enough To Have A Will – Fact Or Fiction?

Only old people need to have a Will. I am too young to write a Will. Both statements are fiction. There is a common misconception that millennials or Gen-Z’s don’t necessarily need a Will because they are still acquiring assets and don’t have that retirement nest-egg...

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