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Redress Schemes may be implemented to receive and handle complaints of people who have been aggrieved by an organisation and provide an opportunity to deliver a meaningful response in a trauma informed and sensitive manner. Such responses could include monetary payments, access to counselling and psychological services and a direct personal response from an institution.

Nevett Ford is cognisant of the challenges faced by organisations, including financial and reputational concerns, and work collaboratively with their clients to ensure the best outcome for all parties.

Our team has extensive experience in establishing, implementing and operating internal redress schemes for Not For Profit organisations. This includes:

  • identifying risks within the organisation,
  • developing framework to establish a formal and structured response to complaints,
  • working collaboratively with the organisations to deliver redress to eligible participants,
  • conducting external and independent investigations into allegations of improper conduct within an organisation,
  • management and assessment of matters, and
  • proactively assisting organisations in settlements of claims utilising informal methods of dispute resolution.


Philip Brewin
Shea Rowell
Greg Doran
Claire Stratton
Caroline Mostafa
Tarryn Jeffery
Thomas Drake
Melonee Davies
Kiah Rowell

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