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Liliana Lopera

Position: Legal Assistant

Practice Area: Litigation and Workplace Relations

Education & Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in law – University of Antioquia, Colombia– 2011
Certified Administrative Law Specialist (Public Law) University of Antioquia, Colombia – 2013
Diploma in Contract Law, Colombia – 2017
English – 2019

Liliana, a skilled legal professional and a fluent Spanish speaker, brings a wealth of expertise to our firm. Hailing from South America, she holds a bachelor’s degree in law and is a certified Administrative Law Specialist from Colombia. Since joining our team as a Legal Assistant in 2022, Liliana has showcased her dedication and proficiency.

With an extensive background in the public sector abroad, Liliana’s experience shines through. Her journey to Australia in 2008 was marked by a commitment to perfecting her English skills and expanding her legal horizons. Her sights are now set on obtaining a Juris Doctor degree, underscoring her drive for personal and professional growth.

Liliana’s role as a legal assistant is underpinned by a solid foundation, enabling her to grasp the intricacies of the law. By seamlessly blending international insights with local understanding, she bolsters our legal team’s capabilities and ensures exceptional service for our clients. Liliana’s passion, combined with her diverse skill set, positions her as a valuable asset within the legal community.

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