Nevett Ford Lawyers’ Litigation-Workplace Relations Group practises in all aspects of civil, commercial and workplace litigation.

The team includes an LIV accredited specialist in workplace relations and all members are experienced in the practice and procedure of litigation.

The team regularly posts blogs and other updates on developments and recent cases of workplace litigation.

Our team works closely with Nevett Ford lawyers’ commercial, family, migration and general services to provide comprehensive advice to businesses and individuals.

Our workplace relations lawyers provide advice and assistance to both employers and employees in workplace relations matters and to people who want to initiate or find themselves involved in civil litigation. 

Our team has knowledge and experience across all courts and tribunals. What sets our team of workplace relations lawyers apart is our dedication to our clients, our emphasis on referrals to mediation as soon as practicable and the expertise, which comes from our extensive knowledge and experience of how courts and tribunals work.

Nevett Ford Lawyers prides itself on building quality relationships with its clients to achieve their objectives.

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Philip Brewin
Greg Doran
Caroline Mostafa
Tarryn Jeffery
Tom Drake
Melonee Davies

Topics We’ve Written About

Is freedom of speech recognised in the workplace?

Is freedom of speech recognised in the workplace?

Unlike the United States, Australia has no constitutional guarantee of the right to freedom of speech but instead enjoys freedoms by virtue of common law. Such freedoms include freedom of religion, movement, speech and association. In the absence of such...

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We now have a vaccine. But, can we enforce its use?

We now have a vaccine. But, can we enforce its use?

With the UK vaccinating against COVID-19, and this predicted for Australia in early 2021, employers may soon find their employees questioning whether they can be directed to be vaccinated. Crucial to any employment relationship is that employees must comply with any...

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Preparing for Work May Not Be Work

Preparing for Work May Not Be Work

In Seo v Bindaree Food Group Pty Ltd [2020] FWC 6468 the issue of whether preparing for work can be categorised as work arose. Mr Seo’s complaint was that having to remove personal protective equipment and clean himself before he entered the break room meant that he...

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