Nevett Ford 律师的诉讼-工作场所关系团队在民事、商业和工作场所诉讼等各个方面均提供执业服务。

我们的团队包括一名具有LIV资质(LIV accredited)的工作场所关系专家,所有团队成员都对诉讼的程序拥有丰富的经验。


我们的专项团队与 Nevett Ford 律师在商业、家庭、移民和一般服务部门都有密切地合作,为企业和个人提供全面的建议。



Nevett Ford 律师以与客户建立优质关系并为其实现目标而自豪。

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Philip Brewin
Greg Doran
Caroline Mostafa
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Tom Drake
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Topics We’ve Written About

Expert Witness 101

Expert Witness 101

INTRODUCTION The decision of DP (a pseudonym) v Bird [2021] VSC 850 offers valuable guidance for the selection and briefing of expert witnesses, as well as how the Court expects expert witnesses to conduct themselves in the course of forming their opinions. The matter...

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Mediation – What You Need To Know

Mediation – What You Need To Know

Mediation is one of a number of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes which aim to encourage parties to resolve legal disputes before proceeding to trial. Though generally a voluntary procedure, the importance of attempting to resolve matters before trial is...

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To Consult Does Not Mean To Mandate

To Consult Does Not Mean To Mandate

The decision in CFMMEU v Mt Arthur Coal Pty Ltd [2021] FWCFB 6059 shows the importance of consultation before a direction to employees will be deemed lawful and reasonable. The full bench of the Fair Work Commission undertook an exhaustive review of the facts and...

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Sorry Need Not Be The Hardest Word To Say

Sorry Need Not Be The Hardest Word To Say

Sorry is a powerful word. For people receiving an apology it can validate and acknowledge their feelings and emotions and can be an important step on the path to healing. In a legal context saying sorry was equated with admitting fault for the incident giving rise to...

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