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Tips for preparing for a family law mediation – Part 4 of 5

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Family Law

Mediation is a useful alternative dispute resolution method that can facilitate the parties to a dispute to reach a mutually agreeable solution without contesting the issues before a judge. You may agree to attend private mediation prior to any court proceeding, or you may be ordered by the court to attend mediation when a court proceeding is already on foot. Nevett Ford presents a series of brief tips on preparing for a mediation.

Exchanging Documents

For financial matters, you may exchange recent bank statements, superannuation statements, payslips, and tax returns prior to mediation so that you can verify what the other party wrote in their balance sheet and vice versa. If you do not make full and frank disclosure of your financial situation, any settlement you make with the other party may get set aside as a result of your non-disclosure. For parenting matters, you may exchange documents in relation to how the children are doing under the existing arrangements, what their needs are going forward, and the parties’ preparedness in meeting those needs. Relevant materials may include the children’s health and school records, report from a visitation supervisor if applicable, and certificate of completion of parenting courses if applicable. If a court child expert is involved, they may also present an independent report.

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