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5 Tips for an Effective Position Description

by | Aug 25, 2023 | Workplace & Employment

5 tips for an effective position description
1. Be crystal clear – it is imperative to document the duties, competencies and responsibilities of the position in writing to afford certainty to the parties as to the requirements of the role. This includes all and any variations, big or small.
2. Make it fluid – this will help capture any duties that the parties do not contemplate at the inception of the contract, provided they are reasonable or incidental to the position.
3. Keep it separate – similarly, separating the position description from the employment contract will prevent the duties from becoming contractually binding on the parties.
4. Ensure its accuracy – it is imperative for the position description to correctly identify the duties, competencies and responsibilities of the role to enable the employer to measure performance. This becomes vital should an employer seek to counsel or discipline an underperforming employee or conversely, reward a worker exceeding expectations.
5. Ensure its compliance – consider any applicable modern awards, legislation or other instruments to ensure lawful compliance.