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Conveyancing Lawyer

The process of conveyancing in Melbourne can be affected by troublesome delays and technically complex issues. In order to circumvent problems or have effective solutions in place if they do crop up, it is important to obtain professional legal advice from a conveyancing lawyer to ensure that your sale or purchase transaction can be completed smoothly.

The highly experienced conveyancing lawyers at Nevett Ford are well-equipped in all aspects of the conveyancing process as well as wider property matters. Our fixed price conveyancing services will ensure that all legal documentation is drafted promptly and correctly in a transparent and communicative manner. With Nevett Ford, you can rest assured that our lawyers will guide you through the conveyancing process and give you advice that may ultimately save you money. Take advantage of our free consultation to see how this can be done.

What does a conveyancing lawyer do?

If you are a first-time home owner, in the property market, then you may not be too familiar with what a conveyancing lawyer does. A conveyancing lawyer is a fully qualified legal solicitor that carries out the necessary services required to prepare property contracts and arrange the transfer of title from one owner to another. Property transactions are completed electronically by registered conveyancing lawyers, so you will need to hire a conveyancing lawyer to act on your behalf when buying, selling, transferring, subdividing, or developing a property.

A conveyancing lawyer in Melbourne will undertake the following conveyancing services and duties:

  • Carry out searches on the property and property title
  • Prepare or review the Contract of Sale and Section 32 (vendor statement)
  • Prepare transfer of land
  • Advise on stamp duty and submit documentation to SRO
  • Arrange and attend to the settlement of the property
  • Liaise with your financier
  • Represent your interests in negotiations with other parties
  • Conduct further relevant searches or preparation of documents
  • Other required services and obligations

Why you should hire a conveyancing lawyer

As you can see, conveyancing is not necessarily a straightforward process and involves a lot of documentation, reviews, and legal and financial judgement, which can create risks and disagreements. Hiring an expert conveyancing solicitor is the best way to ensure that your interests are protected and that you don’t overlook any important clauses or deadlines. Conveyancing lawyers have the legal expertise and professional qualifications necessary to keep you from wasting time and money when buying or selling your property.

Differences between a conveyancing lawyer and a conveyancer


Conveyancing services can also be offered by conveyancers who are not lawyers. Conveyancers are not part of the legal profession but can offer conveyancing services after completing a conveyancing course; meanwhile, conveyancing lawyers are qualified solicitors who specialise in the area of conveyancing.

The main difference between conveyancers and conveyancing lawyers is that as a solicitor at law, conveyancing lawyers can offer a wider scope of services necessary in the conveyancing process. For example, if you need to review your contract of sale to determine the risks associated with buying a property, only a lawyer can do this and offer written advice. For sellers in particular, the contract of sale and vendor’s statement must be prepared by a lawyer; if you hire a conveyancer, they will need to obtain the help of a lawyer and you could be charged an additional fee.


Why choose Nevett Ford conveyancing lawyers

Nevett Ford has been in practice for over 150 years and is the law firm of choice for trusted and affordable conveyancing services in Melbourne. Whether you are selling or purchasing, our team of conveyancing solicitors is dedicated to providing you with stress-free and affordable conveyancing services in an open, transparent, and client-focussed manner.

Here are a few reasons why you might wish to access our conveyancing services:

  • Decades of experience and a wide range of service areas means we can draw on knowledge from across our firm to inform your decisions.
  • Personal, tailored service that accommodates your needs and what value you will get from our service, instead of one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Our close relationship with various banks allows us to smoothen the property financing journey for our clients.
  • Initial fixed price conveyancing consultations for full transparency and a more budget-friendly conveyancing option.

Our expertise covers all aspects of residential as well as commercial conveyancing, including:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Flats
  • Off-the-plan purchases
  • Working with developers on land subdivisions and development sites
  • Retail shops
  • Other commercial properties

Call us to learn more about our competitive prices for conveyancing and property transactions in Melbourne – all done by experienced property lawyers.

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