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Case Studies

Our practice areas has:

  • represented directors involved in “shareholder oppression” Supreme Court proceedings after a business dispute,
  • advised franchisees and business owners on their acquisitions and structured their business partnerships, and
  • represented business co-owners in relation to various co-ownership disputes and operational issues.


Stuart Wilson
Peter Lumb
Andrew Lumb
Nathan Xu

Topics We’ve Written About

The Benefits of Establishing a Discretionary Trust

The Benefits of Establishing a Discretionary Trust

A discretionary trust can be a versatile and powerful tool as it offers individuals and businesses a range of benefits.  As a legal structure, it allows for the strategic management and distribution of assets and provides level of flexibility that can prove...

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What business structure is right for you?

What business structure is right for you?

In Australia, entrepreneurs have a range of options available to them when looking to start and structure their business ventures.  Each different has its own advantages and disadvantages or considerations but allows for flexibility when it comes to a business’ goals....

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What is a Shareholders Agreement or Partnership Agreement?

What is a Shareholders Agreement or Partnership Agreement?

If you are starting a new business venture in partnership with someone else, it is highly advisable to put in place a Shareholders/Partnership Agreement. We regularly receive enquiries from people who have not done so, and when a dispute breaks out it can be a messy...

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What is a Buy/Sell Agreement?

A Buy/Sell Agreement is a valuable piece of your business succession plan.  For those who run a business with co-owners, you should always consider a Buy/Sell Agreement as it puts measures in place to enable continuing owners to acquire the share of an exiting owner....

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Business Expansion As A Sole Trader: Legal Factors To Consider

Starting your own business is one of the most satisfying things that you can do, and seeing it flourish and grow is an incredibly fulfilling experience. Some people kick off their business as a sole trader because they don’t know how successful it will be.  But if you...

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