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Why use a lawyer when I can make a Will online or with a DIY kit?

by | Oct 10, 2023 | Wills & Estates

Is the cost of a lawyer worth it when you can pay cheaper for a DIY or online Will?

We often find that clients can be apprehensive about using a lawyer to make their when there are easier, quicker and cheaper options available such as online or DIY Wills.  However, there are several advantages to using a lawyer, primarily related to ensuring that the Will accurately reflects your wishes, is legally valid and provides for clear distribution of your assets after your death.

Here are some reasons why should opt for a lawyer to prepare your Will over a DIY or online Will:

Legal expertise and knowledge

Lawyers have a understanding of the legal requirements and regulations surrounding Wills, Estates, Probate laws and taxation laws.  They can ensure your Will complies with all relevant laws in your jurisdiction.

Personalisation and tailoring

What an online or DIY provider cannot do is, get to know you.  By working with a lawyer, they can customise your Will based on your specific circumstances, family dynamics, financial situation, and wishes.  They can draft clauses and provisions that reflect your unique preferences and address potential complexities.  By getting to know our clients, we can provide greater protection of your assets and loved ones in your Will.

Avoiding issues

Unfortunately, some DIY and online Wills might overlook important details or legal requirements.  This could potentially lead to errors or omissions that could invalidate the Will or create confusion during probate.  The thing to be concerned with here is that these issues won’t be known until after your death and it is your loved ones who will need to face the challenges they can create.

Complex family situations

If your family situation is complex (eg: blended families, multiple marriages, dependents with special needs, etc), a lawyer can provide guidance and structure to ensure your Will addresses all these intricacies correctly and in the best way for you and your beneficiaries.

Dispute minimisation

A well-drafted Will could potentially help reduce the likelihood of disputes among family members or beneficiaries after your death, ensuring a smoother distribution of your assets and reducing the potential for legal battles.

Legalities and execution

By working with a lawyer, we can walk you through the proper execution and witnessing of your Will, ensuring it meets all legal formalities required for it to be deemed valid.

We are here for you

When working with clients, we establish a relationship that provides ongoing support and allows you the opportunity to update your Will as circumstances change, ensuring it continues to be current and reflective of your wishes.

By engaging our Wills and Estates Team, we can provide peace of mind, knowing that your Will has been professionally prepared and is legally valid and provides clarity and guidance for your loved ones after your death.

While online and DIY Wills may be more appealing due to their low cost, consulting a lawyer to draft your Will offers a higher level of surety that your wishes will be accurately reflected and legally upheld, potentially saving your loved ones time, money, and stress after your death.

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