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The Notice of Risk and Child Abuse – A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Family Law Courts of Australia

by | Sep 7, 2023 | Family Law

The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (‘FCFCOA’) requires a variety of documents be filed with it when you are in Court for a family law matter, whether parenting, property, child support or divorce. Nevett Ford presents a series of brief guides to common documents you might be required to prepare.

The Notice of Risk and Child Abuse is a vital form that extracts and summarises what (if any) issues of family violence, child abuse, or risk of either, present for children subject to a Court application. Criminal histories must be disclosed, and allegations should be clearly and succinctly put. Read carefully the definitions pages in this document to make sure you understand what is classed as abuse and family violence from the Court’s perspective. The filing will result in your State or Territory child protection body preparing a summary of reports made or disclosures made.

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