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The Festive Season and Domestic Violence

by | Dec 14, 2023 | Family Law

Statistics show that individuals in abusive relationships often suffer increased risk over the festive holiday season. This time of year usually entails family gatherings, family holidays, financial pressures, increased access to alcohol and usually more time at home isolated with an abusive partner. These circumstances can intensify the abuse and cause the victim to feel extremely helpless as they attempt to survive the festive season or try to put on a happy facade in front of their children and relatives.

There are various services which provide increased support to victims of domestic violence over the festive season. Orange Door is a Victorian government initiative which provides support and access to services for victims of domestic violence. The Salvation Army also provides a wide range of services around the country to support women and women with children impacted by domestic and family violence.

For more information on the above support services please visit the below links:



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