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Subclass 408 Visas and Student Visa Work Rights

by | May 19, 2021 | Migration

As part of the government’s budget announcement last week it has also announced a relaxation in the work rights restrictions on student visas.  The 40 hour a fortnight limit has been removed as the Government recognises the very important role international students play in filling roles in the hospitality and tourism industries.

If your student visa is expiring then you can apply for a subclass 408 visa for 12 months to continue your employment in Australia.  It is still worth noting that you must show that no other immediate visa options are available to you or that you do not have the economic means to pursue different visa options.

Graduating students going onto Subclass 408 visas must remember that if a graduate Subclass 485 visa is also available then this must be applied for within 6 months of course completion.  Therefore, even if a Subclass 408 is granted the Subclass 485 must still be applied for within time so this option is not lost.

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