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PR Through Global Talent Independent Program

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Migration

We previously discussed the new Global Talent Independent (GTI) program that was launched by the Department of Home Affairs (Department) on 4 November 2019.

But how can you apply?

You are able to apply for the permanent residency (PR) visa – Distinguished Talent visa (onshore or offshore) through this GTI program.

What are the key requirements?

1.Your highly skilled professional fields is one of the following:

  •  AgTech
  • Space and Advanced Manufacturing
  • FinTech
  • Energy and Mining Technology
  • MedTech
  • Cyber Security
  • Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT

2. You must have an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in your profession
3. You must be nominated by an Australian individual or Australian organisation with a national reputation in the same field as you; the nominator needs to attest to your achievements and international standing and is not required to provide you with employment or assist you to become established in Australia
4. You must have the ability to attract a salary at or above the Fair Work High Income Threshold, which is currently at $148,700; this figure is adjusted annually on 1 July with around 3% increase each year

What are the steps involved?

  • If you meet the key requirements, you can first express your interest for consideration under the program through the Department’s Global Talent portal.
  • If you have been assessed as meeting the program parameters, you will be given a unique identifier which provides priority processing for a Distinguished Talent visa application and receiving the invitation to apply for the Distinguished Talent visa..
  • Once you have received the invitation to apply for the Distinguished Talent visa, you can do so through the Department’s ImmiAccount portal.

What are the benefits?

Given the purpose of the program is to attract skilled migrants at the top of their fields to Australia, the Department of Home Affairs makes this an unprecedented streamlined and efficient PR process for the visa applicants. From lodging the expression of interest to visa grant, the processing times can be as short as 7 days. This will certainly depend on when the visa applicants can provide all the supporting documents as required as well as the processing times of the local posts.

If you want us to assess whether you are eligible to apply for PR through this program, please contact us.

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