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New Training Levy for TSS and ENS Programs From March 2018

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Migration

From March 2018, employers wishing to sponsor foreign workers on the TSS and ENS/RSMS programs will be required to pay a training levy which will go towards the Skilling Australians Fund which will fund training of Australians in apprenticeship and trainee programs.

The payment for TSS visa holders will apply on an annual basis per employee. For ENS/RSMS applicants it will be a one-off payment likely to be collected on application. The amount of the new training levy will depend on the size of the business, to be determined on the annual business turnover. Businesses with a turnover of at least $10 million will pay more.

The Training Levy Will Be as Follows:

Businesses that turnover less than $10M

TSS $1,200
ENS/RSMS $3,000

Businesses that turnover $10M or more

TSS $1,800
ENS/RSMS $5,000