Family & Partner Visas

Australian immigration law provides pathways for Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens to sponsor certain family members to join them in Australia. However, Australia’s family migration laws are complex and it is essential to obtain clear and correct advice to avoid lengthy delays or negative outcomes.

At Nevett Ford Lawyers, we understand the importance of ensuring that family members are reunited with their Australian relatives. We work closely with family members at every step of the process to ensure a timely and favourable outcome.

We specialise in assisting family members with obtaining:

  • partner visas (for married, de facto and same-sex relationships) (subclass 820, subclass 309, subclass 801 and subclass 100),
  • prospective marriage visas (for fiancés) (subclass 300),
  • New Zealand family relationship visas (subclass 461).
  • parent visas (temporary and permanent options, including subclass 143, subclass 173, subclass 103, subclass 804, subclass 864, subclass 870),
  • child visas (subclass 101, subclass 802),
  • adoption visas (subclass 102), and
  • carer visas (subclass 116, subclass 836).


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