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Hamas-Israel Conflict: Australian Visa Support

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Migration

The Australian Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) has confirmed its commitment to supporting those impacted by the continuing conflict in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

The Department has already processed visa applications from people impacted by the conflict and they have confirmed that they are prioritising visa assessment for those directly affected with urgent need for travel.

All people who want to come to Australia must obtain a suitable visa.

Making a visa application to travel to Australia

If you wish to make a new application for a visa to travel to Australia you should consider options relevant to your circumstances.  This includes urgency of travel.  Close family members in Australia can apply on behalf of their family members in affected areas.

If you are seeking to depart Israel of the Occupied Palestinian Territories urgently, are directly impacted by the continuing conflict, consider applying for a Visitor (subclass 600) visa.

If you have a relative in Australia and you apply for a Visitor visa, you can make an application under the ‘Tourist’ stream and provide details of your Australian relative.  The Department has confirmed that you do not need to make an application under the ‘Sponsored Family’ Visitor stream.

Extending your stay in Australia

If the conflict has affected you and your family and you wish to extend your stay in Australia, there are a range of visa options available.  This includes skilled, family, student and visitor visa programs.

If a ‘no further stay’ condition (8503, 8534, 8535 or 8540) applies to your current Australian visa, you can apply to have that condition waived.

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