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Trusted E-3 Visa Lawyers In Melbourne

Simplifying your path to a fulfilling career in America

The E-3 visa is exclusively available to Australian citizens and is designed for individuals in speciality occupations. Whether you are a skilled professional in IT, engineering, finance, healthcare, or any other specialised field, the E-3 visa opens doors to job opportunities in the United States, with the added benefit of the visa being renewable indefinitely.

At Nevett Ford, we specialise in guiding ambitious Australians through the intricacies of the E-3 visa application process, ensuring a seamless journey to their American dream. Our team of dedicated E-3 visa lawyers is well-versed in the complexities of the E-3 visa application process, and we understand that every applicant’s situation is unique.

With our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of U.S. immigration laws, our E-3 visa lawyers are committed to providing tailored solutions that align with your professional background and aspirations. We strive to make the E-3 visa process straightforward and stress-free, empowering you to embark on a fulfilling career path in the United States.

 If you are a skilled professional with aspirations of working in the United States, contact us today – we will be happy to assist you

Why Choose
Nevett Ford

Decades Of Experience

Our lawyers are backed by years of experience and expertise in immigration matters and strive to achieve successful visa results – even for those who have had their cases rejected by other lawyers.


Quality, Tailored Service

We understand that every E-3 visa application is unique. We will assist you step-by-step and provide quality migration advice tailored to your situation.

High Standard Of Care

We are committed to providing compassionate and streamlined assistance for our clients as we believe in building strong, meaningful long-term relationships.


Multilingual Lawyers

Our lawyers can provide written and oral advice in multiple languages, including Mandarin, Malay, Arabic, Sinhalese, Spanish, Hindi, Marathi, Serbian and Cantonese, to overcome language barriers and ensure a successful application.

Initial Fixed Cost Consultations

We are dedicated to providing transparent and affordable fees to ensure our clients are aware of what the process will look like ahead of time.

E-3 Visa Application Process

To be eligible to apply for an E-3 visa, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be an Australian citizen.
  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree or 12 years of work experience in the speciality occupation field.
  • Have a legitimate offer of employment in a speciality occupation in America.
  • Approval of a Labour Condition Application (LCA).

Step 1: Employment Acceptance

The applicant accepts the formal offer of employment from a U.S. employer who is willing to sponsor you for the E-3 visa. 

Step 2: LCA Filing

The applicant’s employer or E-3 visa lawyer files the LCA with the U.S. Department of Labour.

 Step 3: Visa Interview

Once the LCA has been certified and supporting documents have been compiled, the applicant or their lawyer can schedule a visa interview appointment at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

 Step 4: Review And Visa Approval

The LCA and required documentation are provided to the Consular Officer for review during the interview. Once approved, the applicant can enter the U.S. and work for the sponsoring employer.

 The E-3 visa application process and eligibility requirements can be extensive and complex. Our E-3 visa lawyers are well-equipped to assess your eligibility and assist you throughout this intricate process, ensuring a “decision-ready” application so your visa is granted as quickly as possible.


What is an E-3 Visa?

The E-3 visa is a temporary U.S. visa that allows Australian citizens in speciality occupations such as architecture, finance, education, engineering, medicine, law, and more to work in America. Dependent spouses may receive work authorisation through this visa.

How long is the E-3 visa valid?

The visa’s initial approval is valid for up to two years but can be renewed in two-year increments indefinitely.

What are the eligibility requirements for an E-3 visa sponsor?
  • Be a U.S. employer with a valid Employer ID number.
  • Pay the employee on a U.S. payroll.
  • Pay the employee at or above the prevailing wage based on the speciality occupation and location of employment.
  • File a Labour Condition Application (LCA) with the U.S. Department of Labour to prove the salary is at or above the market rate.
How long does it take to get an E-3 Visa?

The E-3 visa processing time is the fastest U.S. work visa to obtain. Depending on your E-3 visa lawyers and the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your region, the E-3 visa processing time can range from a few weeks to a few months.

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Who You’ll Work With

Melissa Vincenty

Head of US Immigration

Jeremy Weber

Senior Attorney

Jamie Mather

Administrative Assistant

Heather Nelson

Case Assistant

Rachel Zer

Associate Manager


Timely and Friendly

I was recently granted my US visa with the help of Nevett Ford. I had the pleasure of working with Mark, Kim and Kelly to compile and file all my documents. Kim in particular was wonderful in helping me gather all I needed in a timely and friendly way.

Whilst hiring immigration attorney is a financial cost, I can only begin to imagine how stressful and emotionally costly this process might have been without Nevett Ford. My husband and I were surprised and delighted when my visa came as quickly as it did, you won’t regret it for a moment!

Thanks to Mark, Kim and Kelly for all your help!


Alexandra Henkel

Professionalism & Knowledge

Nevett Ford lawyers helped us with US E2 and E3 visa processing. We worked with Jeremy Weber and his professionalism, knowledge, and willingness to help us with all our queries was commendable. It was an absolute pleasure working with him.

Thanks for everything you have done to support us through the process!


Dinesh Pandey 

Informed decision making

“Having moved to the United States about two years ago, I was asking Mark Cross for advice on a number of complex questions concerning my US work visa and a green card application process. Making wrong or suboptimal decisions about visa or immigration documents can lead to increased expenses or to negative consequences affecting career and/or family. And that is why, I believe, guidance from professional immigration attorney is essential. Mark has always provided me with information and options available, so that I could make an informed decision on next steps. He has also been very responsive and worked to understand my particular circumstances before making his recommendation. I recommend Mark without hesitation to anyone considering employment and/or immigration options into the US.”

Alex Valiaev

Affordable legal services

“My wife and I engaged Melissa Vincenty from Nevett Ford to assist us with the US immigration visa process. She provided us with much needed support, guidance, and information. We highly recommend Melissa and Nevett Ford for the services they provide. I can also state that they were very affordable in comparison to other legal services we had engaged previously. Thanks again to Melissa and the team at Nevett Ford.”


Joe and Sonya Antonellis

Well organised

The whole process from start to finish was very smooth and well organised. Our visas were issued with no problems at all and we are now living and working in the USA. I have already recommend some friends to Nevettford, Thanks!


Jason Smith

Highly recommend

Jeremy Weber was recommended to us to assist with immigration visas to the United States; this was a very good recommendation. Jeremy predicted everything accurately, was very hands on, gave clear directions and answered every question. Highly recommended.


Nick Silberstein (Nick-Amudat)

Absolute pleasure

“Outstanding service from Melissa Vincenty and Jamie Mather. They took care of all the logistics for our Immigration Visa and they were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!!”


Tracey @ Tracey Hughes Education

Amazing experience

Rachel Zer recently helped me get my USA visa and was absolutely amazing throughout the whole experience. I highly recommend Nevett Ford for Visa applications.”


Ben H

Prompt Response

“Nettford provided professional and helpful service. They made getting my E3 visa much less stressful. All inquiries and emails were dealt with promptly.”


Gay Williams

Fast, friendly service

Fast, friendly service. I used them to get a visa for the USA and they were brilliant.


Nick Manning

Mlam Camou (MlCam)
Mlam Camou (MlCam)
I will recommend definitely this services to anyone who wants a clear and positive outcome for his immigration case. Professionalism and experience are also 2 very important points to consider when you decide Nevett ford to represent you. I am satisfy with their work to be honest.Thank you Nevett Ford Lawyers for your excellent work.
Lisa-Marie Hinton
Lisa-Marie Hinton
My visa application was the most challenging time of my life. It was so much pressure, lots of tears and emotions. Ryan and the wonderful Team guided our family and secured my husband and children Citizenship and my PR. I think Ryan has a beautiful heart and is very kind. He listened to me when I was at my wits-end and could only cry on the phone. I would choose Ryan again. It has been a difficult journey but he never gave up on helping my family in the fight of staying together. Forever grateful. The Hintons xxx
Vivien Karabinas
Vivien Karabinas
The expertise and service received by lawyer Sophie Stickland was efficient, caring and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend her. Thank you.
Jervin Paul Dhas
Jervin Paul Dhas
Had the pleasure of working with Lili for my PR application and I had a very good experience. She was very responsive and guided me and provided updates in every step and the entire process was smooth and quick. Highly recommend their services and one of the best. Thanks again Team
Tom Simpson
Tom Simpson
During the period between 2020 - 2023 i was applying for a permanent partner visa and hired Ryan to assist me.I had spoke to 7 other immigration lawyers prior to Ryan, and the general feedback i would get back was negative (installing doubt into my mind about the likelihood of obtaining a visa in my circumstance). Ryan was the only lawyer who had a positive attitude and was optimistic about my situation and gave me a lot of free advice about what i could do even before i hired him, this was a major green flag to me so i made the decision to hire him.I couldn't of asked for a better lawyer, i would highly recommended his services to anyone. Good communication, fast responses, never hesitant to answer any queries, pleasant to speak to and most importantly a good lawyer that gets the job done.I recently obtained my PR after a 3 year process and I cannot thank Ryan (and the team) enough for their service.
Hieronim Wiatrowski
Hieronim Wiatrowski
Lili Sibic was ery professional and helpful. Highly recommended ????
Jessica Liu
Jessica Liu
Awesome and extremely professional and patient. Highly recommended!!!
Experienced, organised and friendly, Ryan is always helpful and reassuring during the entire visa application process. The entire duration has made him more than just a lawyer but a friend.
Hiro Kamisugi
Hiro Kamisugi
Nathan and Jean as team helped me for my first home purchase. Even though I knew nothing of this matter, they made my whole journey nice and comfortable. Everyone around myself tells me that purchasing home is a very stressful journey, but I was totally fine with their help. Don’t think I can ever ask anyone else for my next home in the future!

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