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Australian Visa Options

by | May 26, 2020 | Migration

Even though the Australian border remains closed, you can still apply for visas if you are onshore and you meet the relevant visa criteria if you want to stay in Australia.
For example:

Partner Visa

The Partner Visa is for those who are in a relationship (official marriage or de-facto) with an Australian Citizen, an Australian Permanent Resident or a New Zealand (eligible) Citizen. This is a 2-stage visa: the applicant is first granted a Temporary Visa and two years after, if the government is satisfied that the relationship is still ongoing and it continues to be genuine, the Permanent Visa is granted.

If you and your partner were already thinking about applying for this visa, there is no need to wait until this crisis is gone. Our experienced Immigration Lawyers & Registered Migration Agents will be able to advise and guide you to prepare and lodge your application to ensure you meet the legislative requirements.

Subclass 485 Graduate Visa

If you have recently completed a Bachelor Degree, Master or a PhD in Australia or, in some cases, even a Vocational Educational and Training Course, you may be eligible to apply for a Graduate Visa.

If you qualify, this might be a good option in case you intend to stay in Australia for longer as long as you apply within six (6) months of completing your course and you meet the other relevant legislative criteria. This is a 2-year or 18 months visa, depending on the case, that allows you to stay in Australia and work full time after your studies.

Employer Sponsorship (Subclass 482, 494 and 407 visas)

Even though some industries have been affected by COVID-19, there are still companies and organisations employing people on temporary residence and/or permanent residence visas. If you have an offer on employment for sponsorship please contact us so we can assist you and your employer to lodge the relevant applications.

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