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Australian State and Territory Nominated Visas – Section 48 Barred Applicants Onshore

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Migration

The Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) has asked the Australian State and Territory governments to suspend nominating section 48 barred applicants until the COVID-19 travel restrictions have been resolved. The following information has been provided by the state and territories (as posted on their websites):

  • New South Wales

NSW will re-nominate applicants affected by section 48 bars once they are again able to travel overseas. This will provide a further 60 days to submit the visa application to the Department of Home Affairs.
Until the COVID pandemic travel restrictions have been resolved, please do not nominate new applicants who are s48 barred.

  • Queensland

As applicants subject to a section 48 bar are unable to lodge a state nominated visa onshore, BSMQ is unable to nominate section 48 barred applicants for Subclass 491 visas and requests that these applications be withdrawn.
Nomination applications may be lodged again once the travel restrictions are lifted, if the applicant meets the criteria at that time.

  • Tasmania

As of 2 April 2020, all applications on hand and lodged thereafter by candidates who hold a Bridging Visa associated with Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) or Federal Court review will continue to be assessed as normal.

Unsuccessful applicants will be advised of the outcome and should not reapply until travel restrictions are lifted. All other applications will be placed on hold in our system and when travel restrictions are lifted we will contact applicants to obtain an update of circumstances (such as current residential location and employment details if applicable) to then finalise their application accordingly.

  • Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory

No information currently from these states and territories.

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