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Australian Immigration Law Update: Global Business Visa and Global Talent Visa

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Migration

Australia on the hunt for highly skilled individuals and innovative businesses

The Australian government has established Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce to hunt for the best and brightest businesses and individuals to contribute to Australia’s economy and create jobs. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, which has disrupted many economies around the world including Australia, the Australian government has launched a strong plan for economic growth – with the JobMaker Plan a key tool to help spearhead the economy.


The taskforce is looking for businesses that can build clusters of excellence, conduct trailblazing research and development and create jobs for Australians in the ten target sectors. Eligible businesses should be high yielding businesses with an ability to bring new technologies, cutting edge research and development as well as IP and capital to Australia.

Under the GTI program businesses, should demonstrate the ability to make significant contributions to Australia’s economic recovery and long-term prosperity by building clusters or quality networks in priority sectors, conducting cutting-edge research and development, and filling gaps in supply chains. The gold standard is an ability to create quality jobs, strengthen Australia’s supply chain resilience and turbocharge Australia’s capacity in target growth sectors.


The taskforce is after individuals with entrepreneurial energy and deep skill sets, who can drive innovation and create local jobs. Individuals may be professionals or entrepreneurs in the ten target sectors. Professionals should be internationally recognised for their trailblazing and cutting-edge research. Individuals should be recognised with distinction as a leader in culture, science, the arts, or commercial enterprise and have the ability to bring exceptional new skills and knowledge to Australia.

Individuals who can generate multiple jobs predominantly in areas that fill critical supply chain and talent gaps will be considered highly. Under the GTI program, Individuals should innovative and be able to commercialise ideas at scale in the near future. The ability to generate quality jobs in the target sectors would be favourable.

What Australia is offering:

  • Streamlined visa processing and pathways to residency
  • Outstanding launch pads, business locations and support networks
  • facilitated relocation of executives, critical staff and their families
  • access to world class research and incentives
  • a world-famous lifestyle
  • safety and stability in a thriving economy.

Should you wish to obtain further information on how we can assist you or your business under the GTI program, please contact us to discuss your options.  Obtaining and advice and assistance from Australian Immigration Lawyers is recommended.

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