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I’ve Separated – What Should I Do Now? – Documents (Part 1)

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Family Law

Collecting your personal documents early saves you time and money and saves your lawyer having to repeatedly request them off you. It will allow you or your lawyer to be on the front foot and get ahead of the other party. Here’s part one of our top docs list:

  1. income tax returns and assessments (for at least the past three (3) years);
  2. payslips and group certificates (for the past year if that year’s return has not been completed);
  3. bank statements (for at least the past two (2) years);
  4. current superannuation documents;
  5. loan documents;

Look out for part two and part three of this list as well, or contact our family lawyers in Melbourne CBD at 03 9614 7111 for even more details of what you can assemble.