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What Are Some Life-changing, Practical Things You Can Do During the Covid-19 Lockdown?

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Wills & Estates

Are you in isolation? Or working from home? Perhaps, now would be the perfect time for you and your family to think about some life admin (best defined as “the office work of life”) you have been meaning to do, but pushed away into the “I can’t deal with this right now” pile. From the legal point of view, life admin includes drawing up your new Will, Power of Attorney, Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker, or if you already have them in place, perhaps reviewing these documents to ascertain if changes need to be made.

In a rundown:

  • A Will is an essential tool in ensuring that your property and assets will be distributed in a way which you choose, which will make the estate administration process a lot easier for your loved ones.
  • A Power of Attorney is a legal document that authorises your appointed attorney to act on your behalf, in financial, legal and or personal matters.
  • An Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker is a legal document that authorises your appointed decision maker to make medical treatment decisions on your behalf when you no longer have capacity to do so.

Particularly during this challenging time of uncertainty, it is crucial for you and your family to consider the value and substance of having these documents drawn up. At Nevett Ford, we are able to offer you a package of all three documents (a Will, a Power of Attorney, and an Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker) for a fixed fee.

In light of the current crisis, our dedicated team at Nevett Ford are fortunate to be able to operate remotely and we are continuing to provide our full range of services, but make some necessary changes to the way we work in some cases. We are able to provide legal assistance in fundamental legal matters such as this, from the drafting of these documents to the point of execution of same. Should you wish to speak with one of our solicitors to make arrangements for either of these documents, please contact our friendly team member on 03 9614 7111.

Please stay safe, and continue to check in with family and friends.