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Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble (Australian and New Zealand)

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Migration

The long awaited quarantine free travel bubble arrangement between Australian and New Zealand commenced on 18 April 2021.

All travellers who have been in either Australia or New Zealand for 14 days can travel by air between the two countries quarantine free and without needing to apply for a travel exemption.

More great news on this arrangement is that the trans-Tasman bubble also applies to foreign nationals. This means any foreign nationals on a temporary visa will be able to travel to New Zealand freely without needing to apply for a travel exemption.

Australia to New Zealand

Any Australian citizens and permanent residents are able to travel freely to New Zealand without having to worry about quarantine, as long as you have been in Australia for the past 14 days.

For Australian citizens and permanent residents, a visa to New Zealand will not be required.

For any foreign nationals that wish to travel to New Zealand, you must check if a visa is required before you depart.

An outbound travel exemption will not be required.

New Zealand to Australia

Before leaving New Zealand, you must complete the Australian Travel Declaration at least 72 hours before departure. If you’re arriving in Australia by air, and you have been in New Zealand in the past 14 days, you do not require to apply for a travel exemption.

As above, the travel arrangement to Australia is not restricted to New Zealand citizens only. If you are a non-New Zealand citizen who wishes to visit Australia, you do not require an inbound travel exemption provided that you have been in New Zealand for the past 14 days. However, you may be required to apply for a valid visa before you depart.

When will a travel exemption be required?  

You will need to apply for a travel exemption if:

  • you have been in Australia or New Zealand for less than 14 days before your planned departure (including travellers who are transiting New Zealand), or
  • you intend to travel to Australia by sea, or
  • you have booked an onward flight from New Zealand to another overseas destination

Those who travel onwards from Australia or New Zealand to another international destination must be aware that returning to Australia or New Zealand that is outside the bubble is likely to be difficult due to the current restrictions.

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