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Permanent Residency pathways – A future in Australia with more stability

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Migration

Since the Labor party’s re-elected status in May of this year, there has been a noticeable shift in language and intention for improving existing migration policies when compared to Australia’s political party predecessor. As reported on in our previous migration-related articles, there is an evident refocus on restoring Australia’s migration numbers and consequently, initiatives continue to be created. One way in which the Labor government intends to give individuals living overseas more incentive to consider setting up life in Australia, is by creating more opportunities for them to stay permanently.

Last month, the Prime Minister of Australia Mr Anthony Albanese confirmed first-hand its previous labour party intentions for more permanent residence opportunities during election time. While the language is not as robust as it was during Labour’s campaigning at the beginning of the year, the Prime Minister remains consistent with the intention to progressively decrease reliance on temporary visa options, especially for visa-holders who have remain ‘permanently temporary’ in the long-term. While pathways do exist for migrants to achieve permanent residency status, eligibility remains specific to whether the visa that is applied for has that pathway.

Labor previously expressed an intention to create more pathways for migrants to achieve permanent residency and even citizenship where it is deemed appropriate. While the Australian Prime Minister confirmed that temporary migration will continue to be used as an important and effective tool for combatting the skill-shortages in Australia, more long-term and/or permanent residency options will be looked at for implementation. Although nothing has been set in stone, and there is no indication of where these pathways will lie, the conversation is encouraging.

The Prime Minister acknowledged visa application backlogs and long-term skills shortages, expressing that Australia will inevitably look to improving pathways for overseas workers to have a permanent presence in the country, as temporary visas cannot be solely relied upon. “We have a global labour market, we need to acknowledge that,” the Prime Minister stated in a recent conference. Acknowledging that more permanent forms stay in Australia would make a “significant difference” is encouraging, and an exciting prospect we will be sure to keep you posted.

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