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New App to Track Family Violence

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Family Law

Arc is a free interactive mobile phone app that assists women to collect evidence of family violence. 

Arc assists in keeping records of what happened, when, how it made you feel, and helps identify forms of behaviour with you.  You can upload photos, videos and record audio, record daily entries and create a report with selected entries.   Arc enables you to more easily identify and document patterns of violent behaviour.

Using this tool to collect evidence is a far less cumbersome way of recording what is happening to you and means you can have a dedicated space in your phone to record this, instead of having it mixed with all your other personal information.  This evidence can be particularly useful for court and legal events as often perpetrators will deny your experience or say that victims are exaggerating.  The app allows you to categorise the kinds of violence you may be experiencing such as financial, physical or psychological.

Arc was developed by Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria.  It was developed in consultation with women who had survived family violence. Search on the App Store or Google Play to find a copy and see if it is right for you.

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For 24-hour assistance contact National Sexual Assault Domestic Family Violence Referral Service 1800 737 732 or call 000 if you are in danger.