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Economic Abuse and Control – Family Violence is Still Family Violence

by | Nov 8, 2020 | Family Law

One of the more pernicious and pervasive forms of family violence is that of economic abuse. When people talk about family violence or domestic abuse, the mind can leap straight to physical or verbal violence. The recognitions in Australia-wide legislation of a wider variety of family violence has led to a gradual increase in peoples’ awareness of other categories of violence, including issues involving psychological abuse and economic abuse and control.

These types of family violence often affect those who may not see themselves, or may not want to see themselves, as people suffering from abuse. Often they can be in family situations where the total income is healthy or very healthy, but they are nevertheless controlled by or dictated to by their partner about what they can and cannot spend; they may have an allowance that is imposed on them and non-negotiable; or they may feel like they have to account for every single purchase with receipts or regular inspection of credit card statements. These types of actions can all amount to economic family violence, and tend to cause an atmosphere or uncertainty, control and punishment if demands are not met. They can also create a situation where someone feels they cannot leave a relationship – how are they going to fund their lifestyle if not through this controlled stream of income.

Rest assured that our lawyers are experts at identifying issues of economic control, advocating for those suffering under those conditions, and finding methods to have income continue – through applications for interventions orders, or application for spousal maintenance through the Family Law Courts.

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