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Are You Currently in Australia on a Visitor (Tourist) Visa? Read This Important Information

by | May 14, 2020 | Migration

If you are currently here on a Visitor (Tourist) Visa, here are few options you can consider:

You Can Apply For Another Visitor Visa

  • If you are in Australia and your Visitor visa is about to expire, but you are unable to depart Australia because your flight has been cancelled, or for any other reason, you should consider extending your visa.
  • If this is your decision, Nevett Ford Lawyers Melbourne can recommend when would be the best time to lodge an application for a new Visitor Visa and if you would have to claim ‘exceptional reasons’ to staying longer, in which case we can help with preparing supporting submissions.
  • You may have a “no further stay” condition imposed on your current visa. If this is the case, Nevett Ford Lawyers Melbourne may be able to obtain a waiver of this condition for you, by preparing and lodging the application to ensure you will remain lawfully in the country while you organise for your departure.

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