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Visa Refused?

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Migration

?evett Ford Immigration Lawyers Can Represent You at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and Attend Your Hearing.

If your application for a visa to visit, enter or stay in Australia is refused, you may be able to appeal the decision. Similarly, if you have held a visa to stay in Australia and the visa has been cancelled, you may be able to appeal that decision to cancel your visa.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is the merits review body for most administrative decisions by the Federal Government. In 2015, the operations of the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) were absorbed into the Migration Division of the AAT. In the Migration Division, the AAT operates as a non-adversarial tribunal to review decisions by the Department of Immigration. This means that you can be represented by an Immigration Lawyer.

Decisions are made by a tribunal Member who will review the Department of Home Affair’s decision and the facts of your situation. Appealing an adverse decision is complex and involves making an application to the Migration and Refugee Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (the AAT).

If you have been refused a visa, it is very important to pay careful attention to the notice of the refusal, it includes the detailed reasons for the refusal and what requirements you were not able to fulfil. The importance of taking notice of this information cannot be overstressed. If you have the legal right to make an appeal, the notice will state this.

The time limit within which you must lodge an appeal to the AAT for review is strictly limited and must be adhered to otherwise the application will be rejected. The period for making an appeal will depend on the decision sought to be reviewed.

The process and procedures for making an appeal to the AAT is complex and legal advice and assistance from an Immigration Lawyer is highly recommended. You should consider seeking legal advice immediately if thinking about taking the appeal option.

If you are the applicant of a decision involving a visa refusal or cancellation – talk to us for help with making an appeal.

Remember that there are strict time limits for lodging an appeal to the AAT from the day you are given notice of the decision; you must act promptly if you want to appeal. The lawyers at Nevett Ford Lawyers can lodge this on your behalf.

We have represented clients successfully at the AAT on many occasions. If you would like advice and assistance in making an appeal for your refusal or cancellation, please book a consultation with one of our migration advisors. In the consultation we can give you an indication of the overall prospects of success and likely issues in your case, as well as any alternative visa pathways.

When seeking a review at the AAT, it is imperative that you do not make the same mistakes that you made in your visa application, as this may be your last chance to attempt to approve your visa.

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