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Family and Divorce Lawyer Melbourne

We regularly assist clients making applications for divorce, or responding to applications for divorce. We also deal with clients seeking to annul their marriage and advise about the best way to approach these issues, keeping in mind the consequences of a nullity, a divorce, and impact this may have in relation to migration issues you may face.

The divorce process in Australia is on its face simple, but can present some complexities that make it confusing. Twelve months of separation are required to obtain a divorce, but you cannot sign your application until those twelve months have passed. You may find that your spouse does not agree on a date of separation, and there may be issues about your entitlement to have a divorce in Australia. International marriages can usually be divorced in Australia, but it is worthwhile seeking advice for your particular circumstances.

A challenging part of a divorce can often be finding your spouse and proving to a Court that documents have been sent to them – we have considerable expertise in assisting to locate people domestically or internationally, or satisfying a Court that the person knows about your divorce application.

Keep in mind also that property settlement and maintenance are separate matters where we can assist you both before and after your divorce.

Contact our experts now to discuss your situation and how we can help you.

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