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Covid-19: Travel Exemptions Determined by the Commissioner

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Migration

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), strict travel restrictions have been imposed when travelling to Australia.

Student visa holders (Subclass 500), Prospective Marriage visa (Subclass300), Business and Innovation Subclass188 visa holders, regional Subclass 491 visa and 494 visa holders and Visitor visa Subclass 600 and 601 who are currently outside of Australia may apply for an exemption application and if an exemption is granted you can travel to Australia.

You May Apply for an Exemption, for Example in These Situations:

  • 188 visa holders who have an active and operating business in Australia and their close dependents (spouse and children) are in Australia and left Australia before the travel ban and have been absent for a short period of time; and
  • SC491 and 494 visa holders who are working in Australia (and have not lost their job due to COVID-19) and their spouse and children are living in Australia and left Australia before the travel ban and have been absent for a short period of time.

The Commissioner of the Australian Border Force (ABF) may consider an additional exemption in relation to the travel restrictions currently in place for:

  • Foreign nationals travelling at the invitation of the Australian Commonwealth Government for the purpose of assisting in the COVID-19 response or whose entry would be in the national interest
  • Critical medical services, including air ambulance and delivery of supplies, that regularly arrive into Australia from international ports
  • Persons with critical skills (for example, medical specialists, engineers, marine pilots and crews) by exception
  • Diplomats accredited to Australia and currently resident in Australia, and their immediate family
  • Case-by-case exceptions may also be granted for humanitarian or compassionate reasons.

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