在 Nevett Ford,我们通过深入了解您的业务,包括您的经营目标和遇到的挑战,我们可以为您提供最优的方案。我们在墨尔本的企业律师专家团队可以指导您的企业找到最有效和最有利的解决方案。






  • 业务结构和继承——包括公司、信托、合伙企业和多种形式的共同投资,
  • 业务(股票或资产)的销售和收购,包括交易尽职调查和风险建议,
  • 商业服务协议,包括就日常法律安排提供建议和记录,
  • 治理和企业管理建议,包括对董事和业务经营者的指导、股东和董事会会议程序以及投票
  • 股东利益和纠纷,
  • 公司交易和重组,包括股票发行和回购、资本筹集或减少、供股和类似交易,
  • 股东和合资企业安排,
  • 对受托人和受益人的建议,
  • 资本和财务建议,包括债务和证券,
  • 税务建议,以及
  • 知识产权和保护。


  • 尽职调查、收购和销售商业物业和开发场地,
  • 关于零售和商业租赁的建议,
  • 根据《2003 年建筑法》(维多利亚州)提供的建议,
  • 财产合资企业,和
  • 体育和许可协议。



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Topics We’ve Written About

Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme

Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme

The Victorian Government intends to introduce a new round of rent relief for some commercial tenants, as well as some support for complying landlords. This scheme is another chapter in the continuing Government support structures which commenced with the original...

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The Pandemic Effect On Leases – A Lesson From The US

The Pandemic Effect On Leases – A Lesson From The US

A recent case in the US dealt with matters which are currently hot topics in Australia – namely the rights of tenants who are suffering under the COVID-19 pandemic. Valentino U.S.A., Inc. v. 693 Fifth Owner LLC - Background Italian fashion brand Valentino and its...

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Changes to Victorian Retail Leasing

Changes to Victorian Retail Leasing

Retail leasing is quite strictly regulated with statutory procedures, which are mostly for the tenant’s protection.  New legislation is now in place which makes a number of key changes to the retail leasing framework in Victoria.  Unsurprisingly, most of these changes...

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Unfair Contract Terms

Unfair Contract Terms

On 9 November 2020, the Federal Government announced changes to increase protections offered against unfair contract terms, making them illegal and punishable by civil penalties. When Do the Protections Operate? The legislation (known as the Australian Consumer Law)...

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Company Name or Business Name – What’s the Difference?

Company Name or Business Name – What’s the Difference?

If you intend to start your own business, there are many things that you need consider such as permits, staffing, strategy, suppliers.  One of the first things to decide should be what structure is most appropriate for your business.  There are a variety of options...

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