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Changes to Employer Nominated Permanent Residence (Subclass 186 Visa)

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Migration

In addition to the 457 changes recently and unexpectedly announced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the Permanent Employer Sponsored Skilled Migration Program will also undergo a number of changes. The 457 visa has historically been a pathway to Australian Permanent Residence under this program. 

From 19 April 2017

  • Applicants under the Direct Entry Stream will only be eligible to apply if their nominated occupation is on the MLTSSL or STSOL
  • Applicants under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream can still apply as usual (even if their nominated occupation is no longer on the STSOL or MLTSSL)

From 1 July 2017

  • Occupation lists: The STSOL and MLTSSL will be further reviewed based on advice from the Department of Employment and Department of Education and Training
  • English language requirements: A score of IELTS 6 in each component will be required (or equivalent test)
  • Age: Applicants under the Direct Entry Stream must be under the maximum age requirement of 45 at the time of application. The maximum age requirement of 50 at the time of application will continue to apply to applicants under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream

From March 2018

  • Salary: Employers must pay the Australian market salary rate and meet the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT), currently $53,900 excluding superannuation
  • Residency: The eligibility period under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream will be extended from 2 years to 3 years
  • Work experience: At least 2 years of post- qualification relevant work experience will be required
  • Age: All applicants (under both the Temporary Residence Transition Stream and Direct Entry Stream) must be under the maximum age requirement of 45 at the time of application
  • Training requirement: Strengthened training requirement for employers to contribute towards training Australian workers

Who is affected? 

It is expected that further details and clarifications to be announced by the Government over the coming weeks. 

Individuals who were preparing an application under the Direct Entry Stream and their occupation has now been removed – No longer eligible under the Direct Entry Stream

Individuals turning 45 years old – From 1 July 2017, applicants under the Direct Entry Stream must be under 45 years at time of application. From March 2018, all applicants must be under 45 years at time of application.

Individuals who were preparing applications under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream – Minimal impact if lodged before March 2018 (although new English language requirement applies from 1 July 2017).

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