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Australian Immigration Law Update: Off shore Family Processing Update

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Migration

In late 2020 the government announced temporary changes to offshore family processing rules which meant that certain applicants who are in Australia but had applied for a visa offshore did not have to leave the country to have their visas granted.

Initially the concessions applied  to Partner (subclass 100) visa, Prospective Marriage (subclass 300), Child (subclass 101) visa, Adoption (subclass 101) and Dependent Child (class 445) visas.

In January the list was extended to include parent visa applicants.

The Department of Home Affairs has recently announced that the Partner and Child concessions are to come into effect on 27 February,  while the Parent (subclass 103), Contributory Parent (subclass 173) and Contributory Parent (subclass 143) will commence on 24 March.

At the time of the original announcement it was said that these changes will be temporary and they will no doubt be rescinded once the government believes that travel is no longer as difficult as it currently is.

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